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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 23, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we start out with the fox 5 weather alert. road crews across the region getting ready tonight. a fast moving winter storm headed our way. we could see some snow. thanks for joining us,
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everyone, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. sioux and gary all over the frigid forcast tonight. sue, what is the latest? >> reporter: the latest is that cold air hasn't moved out. it's already into the 20s, it is not very windy, we are not dealing with much of a windchill. that's one very, very good thing. but we do have that fast moving winter storm coming in our direction. it is an alberta clipper. they are quick, they don't have a lot of moisture. we have a winter weather advisory because of that feature heading into this cold air. i want you to see that advisory. it's going to go from midnight until 9:00 in the morning. it will feature a lot of areas getting a very powdery snow, not a lot of snow, but enough we are concerned that there could be some slippery spots in the morning. here are the main highlights with this snow. it's not going to be enough that you'll have to worry too much about shoveling. it's going to develop overnight
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and it will really stick very quickly. that is because the air is so dry and it is obviously very cold. we are concerned that it will be slick on untreated surfaces in the morning. there could be delays around. especially to our south where there might be a little heavier snow and gees what? there's another chance of snow coming in our direction on friday. i want to show you something. i brought out our thermometer. you have seen us use this when it is brutally hot. the sidewalk here is only reading 5 degrees. and we tested this out on the asphalt. it was reading 11 to 13 degrees. a lot of times salt does not work at that temperature. it's a special head's up that you may be having a couple spots in the morning that are going to cause problems that are bigger than the amount of snow that we're going to be getting. we are starting to see this on radar. it's a skinny stripe of snow, isn't it? >> i think what we'll see here is this snow area has started
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expanding. things have been getting, it's very dry out there. it's cold and dry. what we are seeing right now is we look at the satellite and radar with this snow. most of this is still aloft. it's going to find that dry air to get on down to the ground. we're going to have to wait for it to get heavier. one thing we do know. the heaviest of this snow is going to be the south of us and the clouds in place right now are actually keeping the temperatures a little bit warmer than we have been the last couple of nights. don't worry, it's going to be plenty cold for the snow here. we see this area expanding now. our thought is, that this area of low pressure continues to get closer to us, it is going to enhance the snowfall. we're not talking about a lot of snow. this is a weak area of low pressure. it is moving along quite quickly. so we are only expecting light snow for this. i really think it's probably gets going, 2:00, 3:00 in the
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morning. then it's probably out of here as early as 8:00 or 9:00. that means there could be a few problems for the morning commute. >> right now, getting ready for the winter weather. making sure the roads are safe for you. maryland crews will hit the road in an hour to start laying down salt and grime. crews pretreating major streets, bridges, and other elevated roads. we'll be back out again tomorrow. now you can get hourly updates as the temperature drops with the fox 5 weather app. you can down load it on your iphone or ipad. you can also find it on man working on a cell phone tower in gaithersburg, maryland, had to be rescued today because of the extreme cold. he had been on the tower for a couple hours when he experienced hyperthermic conditions and he called 911. >> you are stuck on a tower? >> yeah, my hands are frozen and i can't get down.
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my coworker can't rescue me. >> how high up are you? >> i think it's like 200 feet. the platform tower. i'm standing on a platform, but i can't get down. >> his coworker was able to make his way up the tower to bring the man down and took him to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. a developing story out of fairfax county. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly house fire. two people died and tonight, we're learning more about those victims. will. >> brian, a lot of unanswered questions about this one. we don't know how the fire started, but washington gas workers were at the scene for most of the day looking for answers. next door neighbor you are about to hear from described a noise he heard right before he looked out the window and he says it was incredible how intense it was. >> home video shows the overnight fire, as it destroyed
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a falls church home and took the lives of two women inside. the victims according to neighbors, a mother and daughter and both deaths. neath matthews is a family friend. >> the american family. >> here's a look at what's left of the house. a shell. fairfax county firefighters arrived just before 3:30 in the morning. neighbors, like steven class, heard something loud. >> there was some kind of boom that actually sounded as if someing very heavy had fallen, it happened so fast. there was no chance for anyone to do anything. >> the mother had connections to the university and word spread quickly of the two deaths. a steady stream of people showed up to the scene to pay their respects. some brought flowers and a few friends who couldn't talk used
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an ipad to write a message about the victims. they were our family. they will always be our angels no matter where they are. >> we love them. it's hard to believe they are gone. it's hard. we were close with them. >> so far tonight, authorities haven't confirmed the identities of those victims because they are trying to notify their family first. we have also learned tonight, two dogs and eight cats also died in that fire this morning. shawn. >> thomas, thank you. another big story we're following tonight. secretary of state, hillary clinton, is testifying about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. under tough questioning, secretary clinton took responsibility for the failures that led to those deaths. tom fitzgerald reports. >> good morning. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton, arriving on capitol hill facing dual hearings in
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both the senate and republican controlled house. >> this hearing of the committee on foreign affairs will come to order. >> clinton appeared to compose herself while recalling the scene after the u.s. consulate attack which killed chris stevens and three americans. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers. >> but later when pressed by republicans on u.n. ambassador, susan rice's discredited statements that the attacks weren't terrorism, but a surprise protest, clinton grew angry. >> we had four dead americans because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night and decide to kill some americans? what difference, at this point, does it make? >> what republicans ask why multiple security requests from libya went unheated, either
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way, the point is the security requests were denied. >> clinton testified she had never seen the requests and was well on her way to implementing the 29 recommendations made by independent board. >> 19 or 17 had been done. i will say none of them have been fully implemented. >> senator, that's not accurate. >> senator john mccain was more direct in his criticism. >> american people deserve to know answers and they certainly don't deserve false answers. >> in what may be her final appearance as secretary of state, hillary clinton said the license from benghazi will be learned by the department of state. >> we'll elevate the discussion and decision making so there's not a doubt that everybody is on the same page. >> this is likely to be the final time we will see hillary clinton testify before congress as the secretary of state. on thursday, the senate foreign relations committee will take
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up president obama's nomination of john kerry after replacements in the second obama administration. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. you saw his story first on fox 5. a maryland boy spent nearly two weeks in intensive care battling the flu. >> just the scariest thing you could ever imagine, seeing your child lay there with every tube and iv, coming from every part of his body, and of course him not being responsive. >> guess what? he is recovered and his family is talking about his close call and happy homecoming. >> and later, a new plan to keep d.c. kids in school. why parents could face harsh punishment. >> also ahead, first man te'o, a cat fishing hoax. fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started. we'll be right back.  we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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the worst than average flu season continues with more than half the country reporting high levels of flu activity. 29 children, including a little
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girl in baltimore, have died so far. tonight, in our area, a happy homecoming for a germantown boy who spent two weeks in icu battling the flu. fox 5's audrey barnes has this story tonight. audrey. >> andrew tucker is one of those children you will never forget. the first time i met him, he was finishing off a popcicle. after a relapse and 11 days in intensive care, andrew is finally back at home with his family. >> yeah. >> game night at the tucker house has special meaning now that all five members of the family are there. six-year-old andrew has just gotten out of georgetown university hospital where he spent eleven days in intensive care fighting the flu. >> basically, the flu took him into respiratory failure. >> he also got pneumonia. >> just seeing him from head to toe with wires sticking out of him. him being sedated and not speaking with us, just
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horrible. >> even worse than seeing andrew on a ventilator was his slow recovery when they removed it four days later. >> he was not making eye contact, not verbal, just super sad and for andrew to be sad is not like him at all. he has a great smile. that was hard for us. >> slowly over the next five or six days, the old andrew started to reemerge. >> there was a moment at shady grove where i was saying to myself, of course i'm trying to be strong. i'm saying, i can't bury a kid. it was that serious. and it was total terror and to see him now, there's a miracle. >> for now, there's no wrestling or rough housing with his brothers, aaron and noah. and today andrew went back to school for the first time in nearly two weeks. his friends gave him quite a welcome back. >> the tucker family is so thankful for all the prayers and support they received while they nursed their son back to health. >> thank you. >> the best feeling ever.
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you walk into your house and you are so happy to have all five ofous together. there's no greater feeling than that. >> aaron and kathy tucker say andrew and their youngest son got the flu mist nasal vaccine. their 13-year-old got a flu shot. andrew was the only one that got sick. doctors at both hospitals and his pediatrician will monitor him closely in the coming weeks. he'll have allergy tests. they want to find out how his case of the flu got so bad. the good news is, andrew is once again a healthy and very adorable six-year-old. shawn, back to you. >> yes, indeed he is adorable. audrey, thank you. now to a news alert out of the pentagon. female troops could be heading to the front lines of war, according to senior officials, leon will announce tomorrow he is lifting the military ban on women serving in combat. retired army manager joins us now. major general, thanks for being here. >> nice to be here.
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>> what impact will this impact have on the u.s. military? >> immediately, not much at all. the announcement of the policy change is really just an acknowledgment of the reality in the last ten or twelve years. women have been in combat for 10 or 12 years. >> the military went through another major change with the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. how do you think the men and the women, the ones that will join them, will react to this news? >> i think that some will be negative about it, but when people think about it, they'll realize the military has been integrating men and women for over 35 years, since we went to a volunteer army. and i think quite frankly, the hard work has been done already and we may find that women going into some of the combat units may be easier to do than the hard work that has been going on for 35 years. i have a couple reasons for saying that. one would be those units rely even more than the normal unit.
10:18 pm
the noncombat unit, the rear units on teamwork. and they tend to take people in and they are not up to standard and they make sure they do meet the standard and that's really the key to this whole issue as we move forward, is setting standards and i think the military has been looking carefully the last couple years to downsize. we'll have to have some people leave and we have to make sure we keep high standards. if they set the standards right, men and women should be in those units. men and women should be in those jobs. >> as i understand, the military will have until january of 2016 to seek special exceptions. if it believes there are positions that women should not be in. are there any positions, what positions do you think shown reserved for male troops? >> i'm not sure that there are any. some may be more expensive to allow women in. i met women that can do anything men can do, so it's a
10:19 pm
question of whether how many women are going to want to do that. because it is very demanding, some of the physical aspects of those jobs. but there may be some that they'll want to protect, but i think we'll find them opening up. >> do you think that the big picture here is that we are seeing a lot of people retiring or not signing up, so this is a way to bolster the troops on the front line? >> i'm not sure what the reasons are for it, quite frankly. i think some of it is sociology and paying attention to some of those aspects. i think there are some people that are pretty conservative that think this is the wrong thing to do, what is this going to improve? i think there's an argument that might improve in the military. the key is standard. if a woman can meet all those standards, to be in an infantry unit and that includes a certain pt score and a certain
10:20 pm
amount of weight and a 12-mile road march with 60 or 70-pounds on her back, then that's the standard, it has nothing to do with gender. >> thank you so much retired army general. thank you so much for coming in tonight. we'll have much more on this landmark decision on the news edge at 11:00. up next, we are hearing from te'o for the first time since the dead girlfriend hoax went public. he lied after learning about the situation. plus, several skins players fallen for a similar cat fishing stunt. details and reaction from the team, next. there is no mass produced humanan.
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10:24 pm
in a taped interview with katie couric, he didn't know what else to do. >> my hope, she died on september 12. everybody knew that. this girl who i committed myself to, died on september 12. now i get a phone call on december 6 saying it's a lie and i am going to be put on national television and ask me the same questions, what would you do? >> the woman whose photo was used on the fake twitter account says the man believed to be behind the hoax has confessed and apologized to her. the woman went to school with the two and says the picture was taken from her facebook page. te'o was not the only target. warned its players following a similar stunt last month. scott smith is here with the details. >> it's clear the world of
10:25 pm
social media made athletes accessible, the same is not said for the person on the other end. redskins director, phillip daniels, was made aware of an imposter striking up conversations with at least four redskins players. daniels posted a memo in the locker room warning the players to stay clear. according to a recent article, her name was sidney akerman. however, she was using pictures of an adult entertainer. the players would engage in conversations, mostly through direct messaging and face to face meetings were arranged, but never happened. the fake twitter and facebook accounts have been removed. according to that article, the person was in fact a woman, a die hard redskins fan. she never asked for money or attempted to exploit the players. unlike te'o, daniels said he believes it was all about receiving attention from the players. it's a problem that is likely
10:26 pm
more common than you think. the one players will have to adjust to in terms of how to respond through twitter and facebook. >> scott, thank you. big game artists are coming to beyonce's defense after she sang with a prerecorded track at the inauguration on monday. ♪ oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ >> i wish i had a lip-sync for an intro. it's hard to sing when it's cold outside. jlo told john stewart, it's difficult to sing live in open air because the sound comes back distorted, so singing to a prerecorded track is no big deal. a police officer is accused of murdering a woman in her car. tonight, we are hearing two different stories about how it happened. later tonight, imagine paying a toll to drive the beltway or i-
10:27 pm
95. we'll break down the pricing plan that some lawmakers are now considering. wx
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> angry, upset parents. police on a mission to find out who killed 16-year-old marcus jones. all at a community meeting tonight. fox 5 is back in fort washington with the highlights. karen. >> the police were desperately looking for answers. begging parents and students who know something to say something. they vowed to quickly solve the mystery of who shot the 16-year- old high school student and why. >> police and community leaders addressed a packed crowd. they passionately implored parents to talk to their kids. >> somebody knows who did this. >> 16-year-old marcus jones, was gunned down as he left a party over the weekend on
10:31 pm
webster lane. it was a well supervised party, law enforcement says, but the suspect was probably there. >> the whole antisnitching culture is killing us. all of us feel the same frustration that this person has been brought to justice. >> many high school students attended the community meeting. it followed arrest after fights broke out there on tuesday. police blame tensions connected to the shooting. some parents say officials need to deal with the gang problem. >> i'm hearing there may be gang activity going on here at friendly. they need more security at the front doors and all the doors around the school. >> they are not comfortable coming back here. >> while parents express their concerns, relatives of marcus jones are wearing their grief on their sleeves. >> honestly, i think the whole situation is terrible. i just wish we could do more to prevent the situation. you never know what child is
10:32 pm
going to be next. i mean, it's terrifying. it's heartbreaking. >> police investigators told parents worried about security at the school and feeling the need for metal detectors that they intend to present a plan to the school board next month. they are circulating this flier, asking for anyone who knows something to contact police. >> a pair of brothers are in a florida jail charged in dumfries murder on january 17. christopher and douglas face the charges in the death of lavelle. she was shot to death in her home. they were found in florida today. a third brother was arrested in prince william county on mother. the men knew lavelle, but have not released a motive in the murder. >> a police officer is now on trial for murder. prosecutors say daniel harmon- wright, used excessive and unjustified force when he shot patricia cook to death inside
10:33 pm
her car. john hanrahan has more on today's developments from court. >> reporter: daniel harmon- wright a murder or did he shoot to death a 54-year-old woman to protect himself and the public? that is what a jury in this courthouse will likely decide sometime in the next week or so. special prosecutor, jim fisher, conceded to the jury that the behavior of homemaker, patricia cook last february 9 was somewhat inexplicable. she parked her car in a lot at catholic school and refused to leave, even when requested to. both sides agree when officer harmon wright arrived, she declined to hand over her license when the policeman reached for it. the jury watched a 45 minute long recording in which the former cop tells a virginia state police investigator the woman rolled up her window and began driving away, trapping him by his knuckle and wedding ring. i felt my life was in danger, the defendant told the state
10:34 pm
police investigator. two hours after the shooting. but prosecutor fisher told the jury the former policeman kept firing after the car moved away from him, hitting patricia cook in her spine, in the back of her head. the policeman's actions were unjustified, excessive, and amount to murders at the commonwealth's attorney. defense lawyer, daniel, said his client warned the woman he would shoot unless she stopped her car and patricia cook did not comply with the uniformed policeman's instructions. >> both sides agree on a detail in this case that the defense is using. when patricia cook parked at the catholic school, she put a metallic sunscreen across her windshield and when she pulled away, that screen was still there across her windshield. the defense says when she reached the street, she was heading toward the center of town and driving blind. the defense theory is, the policeman had to make an
10:35 pm
instant decision perceiving she was a public safety threat at that point who chose to keep shooting. this murder case against a former policeman will likely wrap up next week. in culpeper, virginia, fox 5 news. the driver of a tour bus that crashed in virginia killing four people will serve six years in prison. ken was sentenced to 40 years with 34 of them suspended. he was convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter. he was driving from north carolina to new york back in may of 2011 when his bus crashed on i-95, 30 miles north of richmond. he fell asleep behind the wheel. four people on board that bus were killed. up next, a coast guardsman missing for months mysteriously comes home. why he could face charges. plus, with tolls on every major highway in our area relieve traffic congestion? pros and cons of the new pricing plan. apple breaks a ten-year streak.
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the company reporting its first quarterly profit drop in a decade. the company is selling a record 47.8 million iphones. 23million ipads during the three month period. 's is losin sizzle. the larger burger chain reporting it did make more money than expected last quarter, but sales this month will probably drop due to competition. shoppers who love a bargain will have more places to find one. that's because discount chain, dollar general, is opening more than 600 new stores this year. that will create about 6,000 new jobs in all. and get ready for more do it yourself stores, ikea, assembly required furniture, adding 25 new stores and 75,000 new jobs. including some right here in the u.s. and a tv star is trying to sell tv. best buy featuring a super bowl ad with former senator and live
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the sheriff in harris county, texas, says the second man could soon be charged in the shooting at a houston community college. i'm not saying who that second suspect could be. charlton berry is charged with one of three people shot yesterday during a fight between him and jody neil. neil and a maintenance worker were also hurt. neil was a student at the school. barry had a student id, but it's not clear whether he was enrolled. you just want to hold that football and have me come running up to kick at it so you
10:41 pm
can pull it away and see me fall flat on my back. >> the man who is charlie brown was charged with stalking his exgirlfriend and her plastic surgeon. peter robyns threatened to kill his exand her son if she didn't give back his car and dog. also gives calling her plastic surgeon so many times that she moved into a hotel in fear of her safety. a coast guardsman who disappeared is in military custody tonight after being released from the hospital. petty officer, russell matthews, showed up in hawaii over the weekend. he was incoherent and taken to the hospital. police say matthews was in the process of being discharged from the coast guard for using marijuana when his wife reported him missing in october. >> we do not know where he has been the past three months. this is under investigation by the coast guard investigative service. >> authorities say matthews is
10:42 pm
in custody because his unauthorized absence for three months in the circumstances surrounding his disappearance make him a flight risk. >> a local lawmaker accused of abusing his power. the trial continues in maryland with details of alleged inappropriate behavior while on the county payroll. the pentagon lifted a ban on women in combat. some women say that's the wrong decision. an unexpected side of the story coming up on the news edge. 
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would you pay a toll on every major area road if it meant less traffic? it's an idea the transportation planning board is considering. plan a toll so the congestion can be reduced. the board has three options in mind, variable price lines. variable per mile pricing on every road and street using data collected from gps systems
10:46 pm
and price zones to drive in a certain area. paying for something you are already taxed for doesn't sit well with everyone. >> we pay an amount of taxes every year and people are clearly bothered by some of these scenarios. they prefer this over scenario over using gps to manage how far you drive. >> the hov lanes and other tolls have helped people get used to the idea of paying to drive. drivers in hyattsville may be moving slower. they are considering installing speed cameras next month. drivers caught going 12 miles per hour over the speed limit would be fined and during the 30 day grace period, drivers will only receive warnings. after that, they will be hit with a $40 fine.
10:47 pm
weather continues. we are waiting on the snow here. >> a couple places have reported small amounts. that was near the community of cherry grove. a few flurries starting to show up overnight, we'll see dusting to about an inch. i think that will be south. so mostly seeing the clouds around and i'll tell you what, that is helping. the clouds are going to keep us from getting as cold as last night when we drop into the single digits. 9 at dulles, and 15 degrees in the city. tonight, our temperatures will range in the upper teens to low 20s. we'll start tonight with radar. you all know it's cold and we'll go to our local radar so you can see what we are talking about. light snow showing up to our south. we isolate it to show the snow that is beginning to show up. of course, we are not concerned this is going to be mixing with anything. it's so cold that we know anything we do get is going to be a light snow.
10:48 pm
this is what we were able to get through. we switched back to our radar and we'll see a composite. it shows a bigger picture and multiple radars. but definitely where you see brighter blues, another patch to come. again, not a lot of moisture, just fast moving through the colder air and we think it could be just enough to cause a small dusting to maybe a very small accumulation and it could be a little slippery in the morning. we are urging you to check out fox morning news first and foremost and make sure you won't have any problems. we know what you'll have by the time the sun comes up. the winter weather advisory goes until 9:00 in the morning. this really does include most of our area with the exception of washington county and some of the panhandle areas here not in it. certainly a cold start today. these were the high temperatures, but what you're going to notice is, we haven't
10:49 pm
dropped too far. we are at 27 degrees and the clouds again helping to keep us from getting into single digits tonight. still very cold and cold enough that there will be slick spots. 16 for hagerstown. 17 for frederick. d.c.21 degrees and obviously some of the coldest air we have seen in quite a while still continuing over the region. what are we talking about in terms of accumulation? this is our model we are featuring tonight and is this what it is suggesting and we think this is how it will play out. a dusting to an inch for much of the metro area. there will probably be a few spots that get enhanced and once again, that may be southern maryland, towards sullsburry area, maybe charlottesville is in on that 1 to 2-inch area. very fast, i think this is going to be gone by 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. at 10:00, our future cast
10:50 pm
showing snow aloft. 2:00 in the morning, hanging around. by 7:00 or 8:00, notice we still have some darker colors down here. that's why we think that area between fredericksburg and richmond may be getting more. but still some flurries flying around and as we get to the noon hour, there's little left and we expect a sunny day with temperatures once again probably coming in the 20s and the wind will be back again tomorrow. get ready for that. tonight, about 21 degrees. we expect light snow to break out and light accumulations as well. with this cold air, enough, there could be slick spots. early light snow, highlighting the slick spots, but a lot of sun for the afternoon. temperature could get to 30 degrees. it will feel colder because that breeze will be back out of the northwest. at 8:00 in the morning, 23. by noon, 27 with chilly sunshine and we keep the sunshine around at 4:00 with a temperature of 29. here's a look at temperatures around the region. you can see we are talking upper 20s to near 30 degrees. a cold day, but a bright day,
10:51 pm
jumping ahead to the weekend, we think saturday is dry at 32 and sunday about 33. but saturday might feature a little bit of snow on the ground and it will be coming from a system that may affect us friday and widespread than what we'll get later tonight. some of you may not get anything if you are far enough north tonight and the rest of us, just that dusting that could be real slippery in the morning. we are thinking friday at 29 degrees. if we get this second snow, it would develop on friday afternoon and wind down friday evening. six hours worth of snow. we'll see what we can squeeze out from that. talked about the weekend being dry, but cold, and if you are tired of the cold stuff, feast your eyes on next monday, tuesday, wednesday, as we climb into the mid 50s by the time we get to wednesday, which means the next storm will be lifted. >> we'll update everything at the top of the news edge at 11:00. >> thank you. well, today definitely not a good day to be without the heat. that's what happened to thousands of people in virginia
10:52 pm
after a van crashed into a utility pole. sky 5 high over the scene on old stagecoach road around noon today. nearly 5,000 customers without power for a few hours. no word on what caused that crash or if anyone was hurt. a polar air mass is pushing temperatures to dangerous lows, and now it's hitting northeast. fox's steve brown has more from chicago. >> an arctic air mass that has been blamed for several -- stretching into a fourth day in many states. in chicago, firefighters say frigid temperatures made a massive fire at a warehouse more difficult to handle last night. this woman in minnesota suffering frostbite after running out of gasoline on the highway. >> before we got here, i just started crying. i couldn't bend my toes. >> homeless people have been flocking to shelters. >> suffering severe injuries. >> the cold front now is moving into the northeast. the national weather service
10:53 pm
issuing windchill warnings across upstate new york and northern new england. temperatures in the double digits, but the windchill makes it feel like 5 below. >> i have five layers on. so yeah, this wind is incredible. so we just layer it up. put everything on we could and stay do our best to stay warm. >> if you have any chronic medical condition, especially if you are old, especially if you have small vessel disease that if you go outside, you have to protect the vital areas of your body, like your nose, your ears, your fingers. >> extreme cold is expected to continue into the weekend. in chicago, steve brown, fox news. coming up next, he often plays the moderator between the feuding judges. keith urban weighs in. coming up at 11:00, time and day women feel the most
10:54 pm
stressed. the news edge is next. 
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♪[ music ] the one and only adele will perform at the oscars. it is her first u.s. performance since last year's grammy awards. she will sing at the academy awards next month. she and the producer are nominated for best traditional song. she won a golden globe. singer, keith urban, is one of the new judges on this season's american idol. talked to the country superstar. >> things are heating up at the american idol judge's table
10:58 pm
and level headed, keith urban, is literally stuck in the middle. sitting between mariah carey and nikki manaj. >> it's so much more than a voice. it's communicating. the voice can be used for that. the voice is used for that. but if the communication of it is so strong and clear, i'm not paying attention to whether it's in tune or not. >> i wasn't wowed. >> when it comes to weeding out talent, urban says the bickering beauties can be pretty persuasive. >> i watched nikki debate. she is very good at it. she is really good, you're like, at a certain point, you're going okay, that's a good point. all right, i'm going to change my question mark to a yes, or my no. i might change that to a yes.
10:59 pm
>> at 45, the new zealand born country crooner has nine platinum albums, 14 number one country singles and known for playing a mean guitar. with awards, he and the other superstar judges are lending their talent to these budding singers. >> that makes four completely different musical kind of people giving out thoughts and opinions. i feel like a lot of the times our job is to get rid of the stuff they don't need anymore. there's no need to feel insecure about your talent. you don't need to do that, you can get rid of that because your talent is right there. just let it shine. ♪ [ music ] >> in hollywood, fox news. >> that will do it for us tonight at 10:00, brian will do it tonight on the news edge at 11:00. >> major changes in the military tonight. as the defense secretary


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